A Tegan and Sara song (to forget Lena Dunham’s mega book deal)

Better late than never, some people say. I’ll borrow the expression for now, to refer to myself finally seeing the second season of HBO’s mega success Girls, the favorite TV-show for cool popular culture critics who have already analyzed Man Men to death. Although by now I’m quite certain they’ve been through this one as well with their quirky comments and post-modern ideas.

I’m slowly pushing my way through it, although it doesn’t require much pushing, since it’s great. Six episodes in and I’ve already completely stopped thinking about the mega book deal Lena Dunham got. Because there are so many truths about big city life here, about artistic ambitions, fickle relationships, of failing to become what you want. All that good stuff. And then there’s the music; perfectly picked as always, like this tune which closes episode 6 and sent me on a pretty serious google trip, resulting in a real surprise when it turned out to be a Tegan and Sara cover of a Rolling Stones song.

I have nothing against Tegan and Sara, but I honestly didn’t think they could pull off this kind of dreamy retro summer nostalgia feeling this well. And the fact that I had no idea that it was a Rolling Stones song probably says something less impressive about myself. Nonetheless, this is really a sweet song.


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