A sudden email from Miranda July (forever an artistic inspiration)

Miranda July

I imagine some artists will forever stay with me like a reflection of certain time in my life. Miranda July is one of them. I don’t remember when I first saw her debut film Me and You And Everyone We Know, but I do remember the chord it struck with me, it was a deep one. It felt like I was seeing something completely new, a movie I didn’t know could exist, before it was  there, in front of me. It somehow felt very personal, as if it was a movie I was suppose to see just at that time in my life. Something about loneliness, trying to connect with a community, but also with a wider cultural sphere. It sounds a bit pretentious, but in her movie, just like in her excellent short story collection No One Belongs Here More than You, she manages to put enough heart, absurd humor and moving images to quickly dispel such fears. It reminds me of another artistic favorite I keep returning to, Sophie Calle.

I’ve forced many people to see Me and You and Everyone We Know over the years, some loved it, quite a few even, while other probably wondered what kind of helium I was consuming at the time. I’m quite certain it wouldn’t have the same impact on me today, taking in art is after all taking in yourself to some degree, and I’ve changed since then. With that said, it’s still among my absolute favorite movies, and the happiness I felt when I suddenly recieved the message below made me forget the disapointment of her 2011 movie The Future, and remember everything Miranda July used to mean to me, and probably still does. I just needed a small reminder. This art project sounds pretty amazing, so do sign up. Over to Miranda:


You are getting this email because you signed up for my mailing list at mirandajuly.com. You might have signed up a long time ago and now you are finally getting something, years later. Or you might have just signed up like four seconds ago and, boom, here I am writing you already and you’re thinking I’ll probably be writing you all the time — not the case! I almost never do this. Only when there is something I think you’ll really like. And when I remember that the mailing list exists.

I think you’ll really like this: wethinkalone.com
You go there and sign up (yet again!) and then for the next twenty weeks you will get something pretty extravagant in your inbox every Monday.


As for the rest of life, things are going well (it just occurred to me maybe I should write some more newslettery type things to make this a real newsletter.)  I’m writing a novel, I just got a haircut, a tad too short. I’m doing a reading at The University of Tampa on Saturday, you can go if you live there. I just visited my family in Berkeley over the weekend. Who exactly am I writing to here? It’s hard to know how specific or vague to be. Have had a little trouble sleeping. Been going heavy on the almond butter. Like to bathe. Can’t sing. Getting older.

give my love to the family,



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