A perfect game of Tetris (you were London, and London was you)

You let her lead you through the busy and balmy evening as hipsters, tourists and everyday people blended into a cacophony of oddly soothing stimuli. London’s mishmash of odd parts, the disparate functions and contrasts had soft edges, a brushed away harshness. Just like a perfect game of Tetris it somehow existed in a frictionless reality.

You thought it was a feeling you could only have in a big city, after a few drinks, when all the movements, blinking lights, random characters, and loud streets somehow became one coherent body; one flowing mass where you existed as a part of something bigger and more grand.

This time, as you walked next to a girl you liked, you were in the middle of something new and tentative. No clear future, but a sharp now, filled with emotions beyond your own control. The city itself became new, opening a perspective you didn’t know existed. Turning what used to be familiar and uninteresting only a few hours earlier into something warm. It used to be a location without any emotional connection to you, no more than separate sounds, places and people in a disconnected mess you often thought made the city feel harsh.

Now it was a place you never wanted to leave. It was no longer a place, it was also you. The distance between you and the city dissolved. And as her nervous fingers tapped the arm of your jacket, and her eyes quickly looked into yours, you knew that at this very moment, you were London, and London was you.


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